Fun-ky FAQ

  • No, all you’ll get is one less muffin or cookie for your tummy.

  • Yes—fun is packed into every bite!

  • Yes—they have the power to bring joy and happiness, and they’re also a source of energy!

  • Little Bites™ does actively run consumer promos that offer coupons. Subscribe to our newsletter or join Feed Good Rewards™ to learn more!

  • Little Bites™ do contain animal ingredients (eggs and modified milk ingredients). It is always best to review ingredient information on the package at each purchase for the most current information.

  • The mono- and diglycerides used in our products are sourced from plants. Little Bites™ do have animal ingredients (eggs and modified milk ingredients). We recommend you check the ingredient panel for specific product information.

  • Little Bites™ are not certified Halal and/or Kosher.

  • We have three mini muffin flavours—Chocolate Chip, Party Cake and Blueberry—and two flavours of soft baked mini cookies—Chocolate Chip and Party Cake.